Heart of Service

Recognition is what most people crave for. The wealthy, politicians, diplomats all around the world are not as interested in the wealth that comes with the positions they occupy as they are with the power and recognition they command when their names are called. I’m not sure if I can say the exact same thing for our African leaders though, that’s because besides the power and recognition that come with being presidents, governors or senators, unlike their western counterparts, the ultimate goal of our leaders is to amass wealth for their generations after them.

As I pondered on the news about several politians owning up to being culprits of money laundering in Nigeria, I couldn’t help but ask myself one question, “What does it mean to serve, and how do servants get their reward?” Since I believe   with all my heart that the Bible has the solution to all of our earthly problems, I couldn’t help but read very intently the story of the famous King David. As I studied David’s story, I realized just one great virtue in him, a virtue that many other kings like King Saul and Nebuchadnezzar lacked. Read on if you want to know the virtue I’m referring to.

Having been anointed king at the very young age of 16, David didn’t become king immediately but had to rather pass through series of tests because when God wants to elevate you, He will allow you to pass through process so you can truly appreciate Him when you finally get to the other side, gold is a good example of what process can do. When I read about David’s anointing, I said someone else would have started disregarding others, even his family due to the fact that he was going to be king. Rather, David continued to serve Saul and his father simultaneously without even complaining. He always looked for the opportunity to serve and that was why when he learned about Goliath, he offered to help. He had this hunger in him to serve people. He didn’t just sit and wander about waiting for the time when he would be crowned king, no, he moved, did whatever his hands found to do, served wherever he was called to serve and wholeheartedly too.

So what am I driving at? All I’m saying is that David had a virtue called humility!!! The guy was humble to the core and his humility was what elevated him. In our society today, people are too proud to serve. They eye the position but do not want to dig the dirt that will bring the treasure into their hands. The word of God says “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it well”. It doesn’t say if your hands find an office job or a job in a company where you’ll have your own computer and desk, it says “whatever!!! It could be cleaning, washing , caring for the old or babies, it could be anything folks!!! I started as an errand girl, can you beat that?

King David’s heart of service later promoted him and he became a great king whose name wouldn’t be forgotten in history. It really bothers me and breaks my heart when I see youngsters just hanging around with friends. A woman of God once said “God gave us two hands for a reason.”

When I first graduated from the university, I was ready to do anything, no matter how menial it was because thanks for the teachings of great men and women of God, I understood that where I started didn’t matter and that I was planted there for just a season. I once did a job where I was secretary and also cleaned the office and toilets as a university graduate!!!! and I know some friends who also started like me, receiving  meager salaries of 15,000 naira monthly. If you’re reading this and you’re idle, my advice to you is get to work, and do it with a heart of service because that’s the only way you would find satisfaction and peace. Do your work, no matter how small it is as unto man.

To be honest, I’m still learning this service thingy, I was meant to understand lately that when I do my house chores, I’m not doing it to my husband, I’m doing it as unto the Lord. This is a whole different topic.

Well, today I want you to be encouraged, whatever you’re asking God to do in your life, don’t just sit and wait for it. Serve while you wait for your baby, job, husband/wife, contract.

My prayer for our Nigerian leaders is that they would understand the importance of the role they have been given and play it well as unto God.

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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