Six Reasons I Love Mexico

Hey lovelies!!! I know it’s been so long!! I miss all of you, believe me 🤗 You know how sometimes you have plans and life gets in the way and just replans (is that even a word?) everything for you? That’s exactly what happened to me last week; exams began and I was busy grading and uploading grades in the system, rushing to meet deadlines, planning for the next term and what not…..humph!!! Why didn’t they tell me being an adult wasn’t that easy?

Well, having lived in this beautiful City for over four years now, I thought I should give all of you snippets of information about it. I truly love this place, and there are many reasons why I do and some of them are as follow:

1. Weather: As far as I’m concerned, the weather here is second to none. It’s very nice; neither too hot nor too cold. The summer is beautiful because you can either dress light or wear fall clothes on some chilly days. Well, I must confess that as someone who’s not used to living in an igloo, I still suffer in the winter even though the cold here is nothing compared to other countries like the US and countries in Europe. I think I’ve gotten used to it though (a bit), which was why the last time I traveled to my beloved country I felt like I was being baked in an oven 😜 I loved it! I still prefer my warm Africa any day, any time.

2. Beautiful beaches: Here you can find very beautiful and serene beaches, which are themselves a reason to visit Mexico. One of my favorite is the Cancun beach, it is absolutely gorgeous and has turquoise waters. The first time I visited, I was like waittt waittt, waittt what’s that color, is that really Water? Yeah, I was amazed. You can save and visit this beautiful place with your family, it’s especially beautiful in the summer. You’ll love it, trust me.


3. Food: I love eating so I truly appreciate the variety of dishes here in Mexico. Where I come from and in many other places, there are just a few ways of eating corn, here in Mexico there are so many ways, including just boiling and roasting it. My favorite is the taco 😋 It is just yummy.


4. Transportation: According to some friends of mine who hail from Asia and other continents “the transportation system in Mexico is one of the best.” I totally agree with them, it is so reliable and there are many options to choose from. You can always count on catching a train, bus or a taxi and at any time of the day! And there is also the option of walking. You can honestly live in this city without a car and still be fine. I love it for that. But those stairs in the metro can make you drop some pounds in just a week😊


5. Economic System: The government of this country has made room for small businesses to thrive. Corporations exist but they have not taken over the whole market, which is why you can still find small kiosks in the streets for startups and small entrepreneurs.


6. Flea Market: I can walk around a flea market a whole day and just window shop. These markets open on mostly weekends and it’s interesting because you can find basically anything you’ll find in a supermarket and even more. In these local markets, you’ll find stuff ranging from electronics, phones, raw and cooked food, clothes, phone cases, kitchenware, furniture, bedsheets, home decor, vintage items is e.t.c. not to mention the beautiful mariachi music you’ll hear coming from radios of vendors or even live mariachi bands.


Have you ever been to Mexico? What did you like about it? If you haven’t been here, do you plan to visit someday?

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