I have been reflecting recently about how we sometimes think that we’re worth little or nothing, or that our services or whatever we find ourselves doing is not valued, or will not be valued. Sadly, I used to have this mindset where I thought there were already enough bloggers and YouTubers out there, so this made me think there was no need to start yet another Youtube channel or another blog. I was so wrong! The truth is, people will always be needed, our skill set, no matter how unserious it seems to be, will always be required in some place. Maybe you’re still yet to discover that area where your expertise and skills are highly required. The only way to find out is by consistently doing your craft no matter how you feel, whether you’re feeling it or not. Seeing life in a different light also helps to open our eyes to many opportunities that we never knew were there in the first place. Unlike before, I now believe there is unlimited space up there for everyone who’s tired of the low altitude and wants to move higher. As many birds as there are in the sky, there’s still always enough space for every bird that hatches; this applies to us humans too, there’s never going to be enough of this or that profession because there are more than six billion people on this planet, we only need to know how to lure our target market. Saying there are way too many tailors, designers, writers, e.t.c, will only lead to procrastination and delay, which will ultimately stop the dream from becoming a reality.


Here are a number of things I did in order to have a paradigm shift and just keep doing what I love despite the other thousands out there who do the same.

1. REWRITE YOUR DREAM:Since you have held onto this idea for such a long time, chances are you no more care about it or maybe you now have a new passion or dream. Some people tend to have one dream for their entire life while the dreams and passions of others tend to evolve as they grow older. Rewriting a dream will help you to reflect on it all over and put things in the right perspective.


2. QUESTIONS : So you still want to be a food blogger or a fashion designer? Great!!! Or do you have a new found passion? It’s still okay!! It is now time for you to ask yourself very serious questions like “What can I do to be successful in this area?” Do you need to take classes or courses? Do you need to invest time and money by buying books and studying? What exactly should your action plan be?

3. GET IT ROLLING: Once you have written down these questions in black and white, and answered them, it’s time to get disciplined and get the ball rolling (whatever your own ball is). For me, in order to get my ball rolling, I knew I would have to be consistent with my blog posts, that is, posting at least once every week and on the same day of the week. At first I thought it wasn’t doable, so I would lie to myself that there was not enough time to do it. But the truth is, we tend to make out time for what we value. Another tip that has helped me and a lot of other people to keep their game on is getting other people involved. Telling friends and family about it will give you a sense of accountability. This trick has helped a lot of people achieve financial, health or business goals.

4. WHAT’S YOUR COURSE: Once you get things rolling, try and stay on your course without getting distracted by others, no matter how successful they seem to be in their own niche. Even if later you might wanna branch out and do other stuff, for now just stay in your course and learn as much as needs to be learned about your present place. We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we can do it all, and while this might be true for most people, you will agree with me that concentrating and giving your 100% to one area will place you in a better position to be catapulted to a level that will absolutely awe you. Now, when you’re done mastering that one area, then you can spread your tentacles to others.


5. REVISIT YOUR PLAN: Keep seeking for new ways, methods and ideas that will take you up to a higher level. You don’t wanna forever remain a baby in your niche. “Growth is the necessary bridge that leads to greatness.”- Joy Iyorkaa. You just have to keep growing and expanding, so now it’s time to ask what you have been doing right and what still needs to improve.

I appreciate all your likes and comments, they put an ear to ear smile on my face. 😉


4 thoughts on “STAY THE COURSE

  1. Hmm..this is a wonderful write-up, it seemed like you were talking to me, a friend of mine once said the sky is wide enough for every bird to fly.You nailed it so perfectly well.Bravo!!!


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