A Great Virtue

Hey, lovely people. I know it’s been ages since I last posted, that’s because life got in the way; I have been doing a lot of cleaning, packing, getting rid of stuff and trying to meet work deadlines at the same time. Phewww!!! It’s been hard work, trust me. Well, let’s get into the matter of the day!

Many times in my life, I have found myself waiting for things that I desire, I had to wait to be able to get into the university, wait to get a job (who can relate?), wait for the man I love, wait wait wait. Oftentimes I wondered why I had to wait so much for things that others around me got without lifting as much as a finger and making little or no efforts.

Out of all the things I’ve had to wait for, some require more patience than others, and over the years, through so many trials,God has instilled in me this great virtue of waiting patiently for what I pray for, and doing so without complaining, so that now I fully understand what the Bible means when it says “The trying of our faith produces endurance…” -James 1:3. I have found myself enduring situations that I never thought for a minute in the past that I would ever be able to endure. Every young person who is aspiring to get into a marriage relationship must learn how to be patient, which by the way is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. There’s no point having faith for something if we cannot wait and hope that it will be ours one day.

This may sound old fashioned, but believe me when I say that the moment I met my husband, I knew we were going to end up together, and I was very young then. Was it easy? Nope!!! We both went through a lot. But we both held unto our faith in God, endured many unpleasant situations and got married nine years after we first met. I always tell young women that marriage is hard work, you have to ask God to give you patience to endure because you cannot give up at the slightest turn of events, you have to stick to your man no matter the situation ( I’m not talking about abuse and domestic violence), that’s why love is essential because many of us can go to the moon and back for the ones we love.

After taking the bold step of saying “I do”, joining my husband in Mexico was another feat. I got a lot of unpleasant comments from people, like “why would you leave your family and job just for a man?” Some ladies even narrated their own bitter experiences in marriage to me, just so I would change my mind and stay back. But in spite of all the voices I had heard, my mind was made up. Ultimately, the decision was mine and no one else’s to make. Were there moments when I thought I made the wrong move? Absolutely!!! There were times I even thought about and even tried to convince hubby to let me go back to my job in Nigeria, but God made me stay, He gave me the will to stay and I did. See, your marriage will be tested on so many levels, it’s not always going to be days of wine and roses, so buckle up dear because tests will come and go. For me, it came to a point where I realized that God is capable of blessing me anywhere.

ANOTHER TEST: When hubby had to move to another country and leave me in Mexico, it was such a nightmare!!! Again, I started getting the unsolicited advice from friends, many told me to go back to Nigeria where I could be surrounded by family, others thought I was very foolish for letting this happen to me; having a long distance marriage. See, taking people’s advice and using it in your marriage is the worst thing you would ever do to it. If you want a healthy marriage, keep people out of it. The voices I listened to actually planted seeds of doubt in my mind; sometimes I would think to myself, “Am I really doing the right thing?” We live in a world where people cannot tolerate discomfort, we find it so hard to just hold on and wait. Staying in Mexico alone, and just having my husband around once in a while was definitely not easy, but it was well worth it. During that period, I learned a lot about myself. I discovered things, hidden talents that I never fully knew were there before. I’m not implying that the distance was a good thing, what I mean is that sometimes God will place you in an uncomfortable situation, not to harm you but to bring the best out of you. What will you do when your marriage faces a storm? Will you storm out of it or will you ask God for the patience and the grace to stand for it?

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: After years of waiting, praying, hearing negative comments from friends like “Why can’t the both of you stay here where you have jobs?” Or “Donald Trump won the presidency so you and your husband should look for a plan B.” After all of the nay sayings, God eventually proved Himself faithful to us; I have finally moved to join hubby. See, all marriages are different, the battles that I fight in mine may be different from the ones you fight in yours, the common denominator here is that all marriages have their battles to fight, and when those battles surface, it’s not for the husband or wife to fight alone, it’s team work. Like I love to say; Patience is a virtue, only those who possess it will eat its fruit. So whatever you’re waiting for, remember that patience is the key to everything hoped for.

I hope you have learned something from this snippets of information about patience.

Remember that your comments mean a lot to me, they make me put a big smile on my face.

4 thoughts on “A Great Virtue

  1. This is just the beginning, many more blessings await you, your faith has grown for the better and the best is yet to come,i really thank God for his mercies upon your life. like i say when you are thrown into a dark room or you find yourself in one, its no time to cry and ask God questions, its a time to discover what you can make out of the darkness, congratulations Joy you are really a lady of pearl (priceless pearl if you permit me)

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