The Giving Gift

Hey lovelies, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!! I honestly cannot believe that 2018 is already here!!! I mean where did all that time go? Well, I hope you are all having a fun and interesting holiday with your family, friends, and loved ones. I know this has definitely been a very busy period for everyone, especially moms; you know, running around, running errands and doing that last minute shopping, making sure the house is clean, spotless, and ready to receive guests, meal planning and so much more. This Christmas like the ones in the past, made me cast my mind back to when I was still living with my parents. I didn’t grow up in a home where everyone expected to get some kind of gift waiting for them under the tree, but we sure had fun our own way; decorating the house, clearing out the clutter, shopping for Christmas dresses (This was our own Christmas gift), visiting people and having them over at our house, eating plenty food then having to spend hours in the toilet the following day due to over feeding hahahaaa, this was all the fun that got us so excited and hyped in the spirit of Christmas and New Year. What’s more, the aroma of food from different neighbors made one completely full even before having as little as a bite. I really miss Christmas and New Year in Nigeria, the communal spirit is amazing. Before going to church to sing the songs that got us so elated, we were saddled with the responsibility of taking Christmas and New year delicacies and snacks to nearby neighbours (sometimes not so “nearby”), who would in turn give us their own delicacies to take to our mom, I wonder if this still happens, but I believe it does because “old habits die hard.” No matter the country, culture, or tradition,      people all over the world understand that once Christmas is approaching, giving is definitely indispensable. In the spirit of sharing gifts, food,  and our time with our loved ones this holiday, I would like us to think about that woman who doesn’t have  a husband to give her something as little as a hug, those children whose only hope of having a blast this season lies in our hands and in the decisions we make, think about that person who is so lonely, and needs someone to talk to. We have heard it said over and over again that Christ is the gift that keeps on giving, but how can that be? How can Christ keep on giving if we don’t allow Him to work in us and give through us? We are told in the Bible that the early apostles lived as a community, their lifestyle was a communal one, they were concerned about each other’s needs; one persons lack became everyone’s lack. Simply put, they were not individualists. In today’s society, we are so clinged to and into ourselves and belongings so much so that when you do an act of kindness to someone, they find it hard to understand why. But that’s really how Jesus Christ wants us to live; helping one another with life’s burdens. As we walk into 2018, my prayer is that God will give us the grace to be aware of the vulnerable ones who live among us, do anything we can to help them, be their voice where they have no voice, and be a blessing to them in general. We humans are selfish by nature, however, my utmost prayer and desire is for God to lead the way and use our hands to do His work.

I thank God for 2017, I thank Him for seeing us through this year. It was a year filled with blessings and lessons. My theme for 2017 was “My Year of Pleasant Surprises” and God in His infinite mercies really gave me pleasant surprises, for which I am beyond grateful. Like 2017, I continue to put all my trust, faith, and hope in God. Sometimes we don’t get to receive everything we expected to get in a year, but we cannot deny the fact that God is always good no matter what, and at the right and appropriate time He always sees us through. So hey!!!, let’s thank God and celebrate Him for what He did in 2017, and let’s praise our way into 2018, and remember to be the gift that keeps giving. Happy New Year!!!🎈🎆🎊


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