A Great Virtue

Hey, lovely people. I know it’s been ages since I last posted, that’s because life got in the way; I have been doing a lot of cleaning, packing, getting rid of stuff and trying to meet work deadlines at the same time. Phewww!!! It’s been hard work, trust me. Well, let’s get into the matter [...]

Love or Lust

Oftentimes we get caught up as to whether we love someone or we’re simply lusting after them. Apart from teenagers whose hormones have started running wild and haywire, most adults also find themselves in this web of confusion. What’s more, no one can be expressly blamed for finding themselves in this dilemma because there is [...]


I have been reflecting recently about how we sometimes think that we’re worth little or nothing, or that our services or whatever we find ourselves doing is not valued, or will not be valued. Sadly, I used to have this mindset where I thought there were already enough bloggers and YouTubers out there, so this [...]